6 reasons why you should use M365 in your business

In the ever-changing business world, new services are constantly appearing on the market, and companies are looking for their next big break. To stay competitive, small businesses and larger enterprises need to invest in software that will empower their staff and streamline processes.

Microsoft 365 (or M365) is a secure, cloud-based productivity suite that offers a wide range of programs companies can use to increase efficiency and fill up holes in their workflow.

To be more specific, there are six reasons why your business should use Microsoft’s services:

Powerful cyber security

Your enterprise’s success hinges on several factors, including the technology you use daily. From 2021 to 2022, over 80% of UK organisations experienced a cyber attack, costing them thousands of pounds. Microsoft’s security services include:

  • Information protection: manage and organise information across an enterprise’s IT infrastructure.
  • Security and risk management: use vulnerability scanning to assess an organisation’s model to determine potential weaknesses that could grow into serious threats.
  • Identity and access management: combine authentication policies with access control to manage and monitor user accounts.
  • Threat protection: automated security programs that monitor, inspect, and detect threats as they make contact with systems for fast incident responses. 

M365 takes information security seriously and takes a multi-layered approach to data protection that you can control to match your company’s security needs at any given time. 

Adopting programs with built-in cyber security services can help keep your business safe from cyber threats and maintain strong partnerships with your stakeholders and customers.  

Comprehensive applications

No matter if you ask a managed service provider (MSP) or a person outside the IT industry, Microsoft’s office applications are reputable and dependable. 

Whether you need to write a report on your business’s customer service procedures or liaise with stakeholders regarding your latest goods or services, Microsoft 365 comes with programs that improve the profitability and efficiency of all operations in your business. 

The programs include:

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • And others

The application suite is also adaptable to your organisation’s IT infrastructure. From iOS systems to Windows networks, M365’s software integrates with pre-existing frameworks to save time and resources when upgrading. 

Enhanced collaboration

Microsoft 365 allows you to create and share documents and files through a single hub. No matter the individual program you are using or the type of project you are undertaking, M365 gives you and your staff the ability to co-author projects. 

This means that several people can access a document at the same time and work on it together. Any changes made are saved and synchronised with the rest of the organisation. Regardless of your employees’ schedules or work arrangements, your business’s tasks can be completed anytime and anywhere.

Convenient cloud storage

The cloud refers to remote servers that are accessible through the internet. Businesses can use the cloud to store data, files, documents, and any other information they need for business operations to run. Microsoft’s cloud technology manages its security services and collaboration features. 

With everything done through the internet and data kept off-premise, Microsoft 365’s cloud storage gives businesses an accessible space to store as much data as needed.

Scalable and cost-effective

Businesses of all sizes can choose the M365 monthly subscription that best suits them. Microsoft gives you the ability to scale the level of your plan up or down depending on the requirements of your enterprise. The company even lets you create a custom plan to give you more flexibility. 

In other words, the plans are designed to be as cost-efficient as possible – you only pay for the services and applications you need. They also come with a one-month free trial to give you the opportunity to test whether or not the services are right for you. 

Optimised communication channels

Of all Microsoft 365’s software solutions, Teams and Outlook are where the service grants your organisation more robust communication channels. Microsoft Teams leverages video and audio calls, instant messaging, file sharing, team channels, and more, to ensure that your employees can easily talk to each other in real-time.

For more formal correspondences, Outlook supports emails and a calendar, so you can be sure that you and your staff will always have a way to communicate with each other and clients. M365 irons out the kinks in your company’s communication flow to generate more fruitful results.

Leverage M365 with the experts

Microsoft 365 is a doorway to a business that is always ready to deliver on its promises, with increased efficiency within a highly secure space.

The M365 security specialists at NetworkIQ have provided Microsoft consulting, training, and cyber security managed services to London’s businesses for years. They know how your business can use M365 to manage cyber security policies while enhancing organisational productivity. Contact them today to ensure your enterprise has a productive and secure future with a managed security service provider (MSSP).

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