Do your Cyber Defences know a good doc from a bad one?

Cisco’s recent mid year Cybersecurity report concludes that it is necessary to raise the security warning flag even higher. Cisco security experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the accelerating pace of change and sophistication in the global cyber threat landscape. While cyber defenders are generally improving their ability to detect threats, prevent attacks and recover from them more quickly, their efforts are being thwarted by the escalating impact of breaches and the pace and scale of technology change. Rapid growth of mobile and cloud computing have served to dramatically increase the attack surface available for cyber criminals. We have extracted data below that focuses on commonly observed malware. figure-3-most-commonly-observed-malware-top-malicious-blocks-november-2016-may-2017 The graphic represents the most commonly observed malware during the period covered by Cisco’s report. The list features a range of some of the most reliable and cost-effective methods for compromising large populations of users and infecting computers and systems. The graphic clearly indicates the diverse range of attack methods which businesses now need to protect against. The traditional protection methods including anti virus and traditional firewalls are no match for many of these attack methods which can be seen to be concealed in ‘normal’ traffic. All the above appear regularly on lists of most commonly observed malware. The consistency in the list suggests that the Internet has matured to the point where cyber criminals know, with certain confidence, which web attack methods will be most effective at compromising users at scale and with relative ease. The information may well confirm what you already know, cyber security threats are now unparalleled in scale. Effective protection demands a comprehensive policy backed up by the necessary controls to detect, prevent and remediate the various phases of an attack. What next? We help businesses of all shapes and sizes in protecting their vital IT assets. For a consultation with our team as to how we can help protect you from a cyber breach, simply get in touch for a free, no-obligation conversation. Alternatively, our free downloadable guide offers more insight into avoiding (and surviving) a cyber-attack.

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