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Boost Productivity: Mastering the New Microsoft Planner in 2024

In the fast-paced world of business, managing projects efficiently is crucial. Calendars, task lists, and project planning are essential tools for keeping processes on track and ensuring task accountability.

Many professionals turn to Microsoft’s suite of apps, including Planner, Microsoft To Do, and Project for the web, to power these critical processes. However, there’s a challenge: these tools exist as separate apps.

Switching between them can be cumbersome, adding unnecessary complexity to workflows. On average, employees switch between 22 different apps 350 times per day—a staggering number that highlights the need for a more streamlined solution.

Enter the new Microsoft Planner. This revamped version promises exciting features designed to simplify your project management journey.

Let’s explore what makes this tool a game-changer for London’s small business owners. 

What’s inside the new Microsoft Planner?

The new Microsoft Planner combines the best of several existing tools:

  1. Collaboration Features from the Current Planner: Building on the existing collaboration capabilities of Planner, the new version enhances teamwork by allowing seamless communication and file sharing within the platform.
  2. Simplicity of Microsoft To Do: Task management becomes a breeze with the integration of Microsoft To Do. Keep track of your to-dos, prioritise tasks, and stay organised—all within the same interface.
  3. Capabilities of Microsoft Project for the Web: Project management requires robust features, and the new Planner delivers. Leverage the power of Microsoft Project for the web to create detailed project plans, allocate resources, and track progress.
  4. Automation with Microsoft Copilot: As an added bonus, the new Planner incorporates the automation capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, the company’s AI companion. Say goodbye to manual repetitive tasks and let Copilot handle the heavy lifting.

Why you’ll love the new planner

  1. Streamlined Workflow: With all these features seamlessly integrated, you’ll experience a smoother workflow. No more juggling between different apps—everything you need is in one place.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Collaborate effortlessly with your team members, share files, and discuss project details without leaving the platform. Communication becomes more efficient, leading to better outcomes.
  3. Goal Achievement Made Easier: Whether you’re managing client projects, marketing campaigns, or internal initiatives, the new Planner empowers you to achieve your goals with greater ease. Stay organised, meet deadlines, and drive success.

Unifying your workflow: tasks, plans & projects in one place

Say goodbye to juggling several apps and hello to a streamlined experience. The new Microsoft Planner goes beyond basic to-do lists—it seamlessly integrates tasks, plans, and projects under one roof.

Whether you’re tackling simple daily tasks or managing complex multi-phased projects, you can do it all within a single, intuitive interface.

Where can you access the new Microsoft Planner?

You have two convenient options:

  1. Within Microsoft Teams: If you’re already using Teams for collaboration, the new Planner is right there at your fingertips. No need to switch between apps—stay within the familiar Teams environment.
  2. Via a Web Browser: Access the new Planner from any web browser. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, you’ll have full functionality to manage your tasks and projects.

Enhanced collaboration: Working together made easy

In today’s fast-paced world, collaboration is essential. With remote work becoming the new norm, tools must keep people coordinated regardless of their location. The new Planner empowers teams to work together seamlessly:

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay on the same page with real-time updates. Whether it’s task progress, deadlines, or important announcements, everyone is informed instantly.
  • Shared Task Ownership: Assign tasks to team members and track their progress. Ownership is clear, and accountability is built in.
  • Comments and Communication: Discuss project details, ask questions, and provide feedback—all within the Planner. Say goodbye to scattered email threads and hello to efficient communication.

Powered insights: Your smart copilot for success

The new Planner incorporates the power of AI with Microsoft Copilot built in. This intelligent assistant takes your productivity to the next level:

  • Smart Suggestions: Copilot suggests relevant plans, tasks, and goals based on your context. Need to prioritise? Copilot has your back.
  • Progress Analysis: It doesn’t stop there—Copilot analyses your progress. If adjustments are needed, it provides actionable recommendations to keep you on track.

Scaling with your needs: From simple tasks to enterprise projects

One size doesn’t fit all, and the new Planner understands that. Whether you’re managing a personal grocery list or planning a large-scale company transformation, it adapts to your specific requirements:

  • Flexibility: Use it for small tasks or scale up for enterprise projects. The new Planner is flexible and customisable.
  • Tailored Solutions: From individual needs to complex team workflows, Microsoft Planner caters to diverse scenarios.

Pre-built templates: Get started fast & save time

Starting a new project or goal doesn’t have to begin from scratch. With the new Microsoft Planner, you have access to several pre-built templates that jumpstart your planning process.

Whether you’re managing a marketing campaign, developing software, or handling employee onboarding, these templates have you covered.

What templates can you expect?

Here’s a glimpse of the templates available:

  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Sprint Planning
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Commercial Construction
  • Employee Onboarding and more!

Key features of the new Microsoft Planner 2024

  1. Improved Navigation: The redesigned interface ensures you find what you need faster and with ease.
  2. Enhanced Task Views: Choose between grid and board views to customise how you organise and visualise your tasks.
  3. Microsoft App Integration: Planner seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft tools, including Power BI, Teams, Microsoft Viva Goals, and Power Automate.
  4. Customisable Fields: Tailor tasks by adding custom fields. Capture specific information relevant to your project needs.
  5. Goal Setting: Define clear goals and track progress visually within your plans.
  6. Critical Path: Identify essential tasks crucial for completing your project on time.
  7. Improved Search: Quickly find the information you need using the app’s powerful search functionality.

Access and availability

Mark your calendars! The new Planner will be available in preview in early 2024, followed by general availability.

Keep an eye out for feature updates throughout the year by visiting Microsoft’s site and signing up for notifications.

The future of tasks, planning & project management

The new Microsoft Planner 2024 reflects a trend we’ve observed in the digital world: less complexity, more streamlined interfaces. Its powerful features benefit both individuals and teams, allowing for efficient workflows. Plus, with an intuitive interface and AI-powered assistant, productivity soars.

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Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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