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Infographic: Secure remote working with DNS

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The best way to counter rogue activity is with DNS-layer security that’s always-on … just like your end-users.

What can you do to mitigate the risks associated with “off-network” access to sensitive data and applications?

According to a recent IDG Research Services report, roaming workstyles are the new norm. Workers are dispersed, on the move and increasingly blending their work and personal lives. Unfortunately, they’re also bypassing corporate VPNs to get their work — and personal business — done; and traditional security measures are falling short.

Today’s workers are using laptops and other mobile devices for anytime, anywhere access to corporate networks and to conduct their own personal business. VPN usage is necessary but not always mandatory; and
end-users readily admit to bypassing that security precaution.

  • 45% using their laptops outside the office at least 50% of the time
  • 20% using their laptops outside the office 100% of the time
  • 61% used online banking
  • 51% visited social media sites
  • 52% watched videos
  • Only 16% must log onto a VPN in order to access the internet
  • 82% have browsed the internet without logging into the VPN

Virtually all have gone around the VPN for one reason or another
“I would rather NOT use the VPN as it is slower…”— End-user

Traditional approaches to security — firewalls, proxy servers and anti-virus solutions — are simply not enough to avoid off-network security issues.

Extremely concerned all about enabling your workforce while protecting your business against off-network activity. By adding an always on DNS-layer of security in the cloud, we can help safeguard devices on and off your corporate network, prevent malicious traffic and payloads from reaching
their target, and even apply learnings from internet activity patterns.

Our solution is easy to deploy, transparent to end-users and lightweight to devices — everything you need to quickly and efficiently shore up your network.

Download the Infographic

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