Ransomware 101 – How To Combat It

Ransomware has grown to become the most popular cyber attack method on the Internet today. Growing at a rate that will see it become a $1 trillion dollar industry within a few years. It is imperative that every business develop and execute a comprehensive ransomware defense strategy to ensure the survival of their business. An invaluable tool to help with this plan is provided by Cisco in the form of flipbook aimed at combating Ransomware. The flipbook includes;
  • An overview of Ransomware
  • Infection methods
  • How to prevent infections
  • Detecting and containing infections
  • Learning lessons after an attack
  • Elements of a multi-layered defense
We know you will find this resource highly valuable and well worth investing a little of your time. Click to view the Flipbook   Speak to one of our Experts? We help businesses of all shapes and sizes in protecting their vital IT assets. For a consultation with our team as to how we can help protect you from a cyber breach, simply get in touch for a free, no-obligation conversation. Alternatively, our free downloadable guide offers more insight into avoiding (and surviving) a cyber-attack.

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