Ransomware Defence Checklist

Do you know anyone who has suffered a Ransomware attack? Most likely the answer is yes. That is because Ransomware is the fastest growing and most profitable cyber crime today, grossing over $1bn last year. Many businesses still do not have a plan to mitigate such a common cyber attack. On the other hand, following a best practices approach to protect and mitigate a cyber attack is a question of adopting a security culture within your business. Either you do or you don’t. If you don’t the likelihood is that this growing breed of cyber attack will come knocking on your door some day soon and you will be powerless to prevent it. I have spoken to many business owners who have been victims of Ransomware or know someone who has, some have learnt from this experience and are now much better prepared if it happens again. The consequences of not recovering are unimaginable without wanting to sound too dire. The best practices guideline below can be used as a checklist to focus on where you are in your Ransomware threat preparation and what still needs to be done. Speak to one of our Experts? We help businesses of all shapes and sizes in protecting their vital IT assets. For a consultation with our team as to how we can help protect you from a cyber breach, simply get in touch for a free, no-obligation conversation. Alternatively, our free downloadable guide offers more insight into avoiding (and surviving) a cyber-attack.

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