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SMB cyber security – time for zero trust

In the digitisation age, data increasingly is becoming ‘the business’ and hence the pressure to protect data and users from more sophisticated attacks calls for new more effective ways of cyber protection. Statistics show that the battle to protect data is not heading in the right direction, unfortunately, according to Gartner the number of breaches are increasing as are the average number […]

Cyber Security
3 Cyber Attacks Affecting Small-Medium Businesses [2018] - Business

3 Cyber Attacks Affecting Small-Medium Businesses [2018]

According to a recent benchmark survey, more than 50% of all cyber attacks result in financial damages of more than $500,000 Which could include lost revenue, lost customers, lost opportunities, and out-of-pocket expenses. This level of damage is enough to put many small and medium-sized businesses out of operation permanently.     Cyber attackers are increasingly focusing their attention on SMB businesses as they see them as a soft target with less sophisticated cybersecurity protection and a lack of in-house skills to defend from […]