Top 10 greatest cyber security businesses in London

With more and more data coming online, cyber security has become an increasingly important investment for businesses. As London is a leader in technology and innovation, it is no surprise that it contains plenty of cyber security companies for organisations in any niche.

If you are a London-based business owner in need of high-quality IT support for a more robust and safer technical infrastructure, the following digital security organisations can help you satisfy your goals.

Website - NetworkIQ

With a particular interest in cyber security and leading expertise in business safety, the IT specialists at NetworkIQ are dedicated to providing clients with secure and reliable technology. By partnering with NetworkIQ, businesses can take comfort knowing their data is protected against cyber threats and their network performance is optimised for greater efficiency. 

NetworkIQ offers a variety of IT services, including network auditing, managed cloud support, technical consulting, and more. With reliable customer service and a commitment to offering the best security advice, it is no wonder the NetworkIQ team are leaders in London’s cyber security market.

From network testing to vulnerability assessments, the cyber security professionals at Edge Cyber Security combine industry expertise with a passion for seeing businesses succeed. The Edge team prioritises their clients’ needs above their own and works to create relevant solutions that protect systems and data year round.

With a wide range of services capable of covering an organisation’s IT infrastructure from all angles, the IT experts at Redscan work tirelessly to detect, respond to, and mitigate the effects of cyber threats on businesses. Redscan wants to see their clients grow, and they will support them every step of the way.

Based in Oslo but with an office in London, award-winning mnemonic is a digital security provider that offers solutions such as threat intelligence and application security. By providing exceptional customer service and support, mnemonic makes it easier for businesses to stay protected.

Not a typical managed service provider, Capita is a business consulting organisation with a focus on technology. Capita offers detailed cyber security services, with solutions related to testing, the cloud, and training. The company’s talented team are more than capable of helping organisations upgrade and improve their digital security.

Regardless if you are looking for security training or compliance assessments, the IT specialists at TechForce approach every security task with a business mindset. TechForce’s team of experts regularly create plans that meet their clients’ security needs and provide top-quality protection from cyber threats. 


London-based Crossword is a cyber security company whose services cover four primary areas: supply chains, threat detection, digital identities, and general security strategies. Crossword’s team of security specialists are well respected and are particularly skilled at identifying business’ technical weaknesses and correcting them with cost-efficient solutions.

With experience serving small to medium-sized enterprises, the cyber security experts at CyberSmart work 24/7 to ensure their clients’ IT infrastructures are up-to-date with the latest security solutions. At the same time, CyberSmart offers products such as Active Protect to ensure secure business operations.

Becrypt is a reliable, experienced cyber security organisation whose expertise has benefited the IT systems of commercial and government corporations. From securing cloud infrastructure to mobile devices, the digital safety experts at Becrypt enhance their clients’ endpoint security for faster processes and more reliable data. 

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JAW Consulting UK are a highly respected cyber security firm based in London. With a long list of services covering everything from penetration testing to data protection and privacy, the IT experts at JAW Consulting UK have a proven track record of successfully shifting company’s attitudes toward robust cyber safety and improving data security.

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