Cloud Managed IT

Everyone gets it – Cloud is an opportunity
not to be missed.

Cloud Managed IT

Businesses are rapidly growing beyond the industry average 24 cloud based applications. While the adoption of cloud has resulted in mind boggling efficiencies for some, others are still struggling to understand how the cloud will help them and what they need to do execute their plan.

We can help you take small or big steps into cloud networking in all it's forms; private, public or hybrid. We work with industry leading cloud managed networking solutions that can offer best in breed security that is simple, secure and easy administration.

  • Cloud Managed Networks - centrally manage your it infrastructure from an intuitive cloud dashboard easily control users applications and devices automatically upgrade software and maintain maximum levels of security gain detailed insights into what applications are being used and who is using them.

  • Cloud Security – real time malware blocking based on over 500m known files retrospective malware detection based on over 1m new incoming files a day automated file sandboxing for matches against over 800 behavioural indicators.

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Our goal is to offer services and solutions that fulfil customers needs while offering the best value for money over the lifetime of the technology. We hold an extensive range of career certifications for the vendor solutions. This means that our 100+ people years of collective experience is also backed by up to date industry leading qualifications.