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Businesses need flexible communication enabling anytime, anywhere, secure audio, video and Information collaboration

// Voice Services

Voice Communication

In the Information Age 90% of employees do work outside the office. The most effective companies ‘get it’ and enable the mechanisms for people to collaborate easily, this means connecting when, where and how they want.

We can do a complete range of service to deliver an effective voice solution that can be enhanced to include video, messaging and unified inbox. We provide a best of breed hosted voice platform in the cloud so all you do is plug in your phone and go.

Where an on-premise system is required we work closely with customers to design and deploy a system that is tuned to their exacting requirements. Explore some of the critical services we have designed to help our customers secure and realise their business outcomes via the effective partnering.

// Hosted VOIP

Reliable, accessible and cost-effective business communication that travels with you.

Our Business Hosted Communication (BHC) is a feature-rich cloud telephony and communications solution that gives you all the business features you’d expect and some clever ones you don’t.

It costs less than you’d expect too. And because BHC is built in the cloud across multiple systems, it is highly reliable, with in-built disaster recovery and is accessible from anywhere there’s a telephone line or internet connection.