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With cyber crime exceeding $500bn (£383bn) this year, former FBI Director Robert Mueller has said: "There are
two types of companies - those who have been hacked, and those that will be".

How we can help

Having the right defences in place to detect and
protect your IT systems before, during and after a cyber
attack has never been so important.

Working alongside the leading security vendors, we adopt a
comprehensive and in-depth approach to cyber security, to
provide you with the right set of services to protect your

Find out how we can help you with the following services.

Dealing with
Cyber Threat is a Complex Challenge

In today’s digital world, decision-makers can’t afford to be held back by cyber risks. They need to
make bold decisions and feel confident that their cyber strategy, defenses and recovery capabilities
will protect their business and support their growth strategies.

Across all sectors and in every geography,
Business Executives are asking themselves
the same questions:

  • Can I balance information protection and accessibility?
  • What does a 'good' cyber security strategy look like in my sector?
  • Can I prioritize cyber risks based on my company's strategy?
  • How do I determine the right level of investment?
  • Where should I put my investments?
  • How can I prevent or mitigate the disruption of a cyber event?
  • How do I ensure that our business returns to normal as quickly as possible?

Turn Cyber Risk into Opportunity.

Our security professionals understand that businesses cannot be held back by cyber risk. We recognise that cyber security is about risk management – not risk elimination.

No matter where you are on the cyber security journey, we can help you reach the destination: a place of confidence that you can operate without crippling disruption from a cyber security event. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you, we can help you work through strategy and governance, cyber defense and cyber response. Our cyber security professionals don’t just recommend solutions, they can help to implement them every step of the way from strategy development, auditing through to proactive threat management.

For more information explore the services below or contact us directly.
Find out how we can help you with the following services.

Securing Business
Assets from Cyber Attack in the face of
Rapidly Increasing Threats

Having visibility of exactly what traffic is traversing a network and what threats exist
in real time is essential to an organisation

A service that customers have found to be invaluable is a Security Audit which undertakes an assessment of traffic traversing a network with a view to establishing the prevalent traffic profile and cyber threats being faced.

The assessment monitors and analyses the traffic using Cisco FirePOWER services module in the ASA Firewall along with Cisco Firesight Management application. The assessment is conducted over a 2-week period and outputs a report with the results of the assessment along with recommendations.

The assessment identifies applications that are potentially dangerous to the organisation, hosts that are vulnerable to attacks, carry malware, or waste bandwidth.

The Audit provides a unparalleled easy to digest insight into what traffic is coming in or out of the organisation, who is responsible for it, what's dangerous, what isn’t.

Securely connect users.
Stop both known and unknown Malicious Software.
Investigate Security incidents.

77% of successful attacks last year bypassed existing endpoint security systems. This means the risk
of endpoint breaches is increasing and becoming more costly.

The best forms of endpoint security are able to detect attacks and attempted breaches at scale – they must detect more than
anybody else. Good endpoint security must also offer an integrated approach and be capable of constantly updating their intelligence and be able to make use of contextual knowledge feeds from other parts of the IT landscape.

We work with leading vendors such as Cisco to offer advanced Endpoint Security Solutions. Our solutions do the important things well such as:

  • Verify device integrity and allow only trusted devices to connect
  • Gain deep visibility into activity across all connected endpoints
  • Continuously monitor endpoints to detect advanced attacks and prevent them from happening.

Talk to us today about how we can help you to monitor, detect and protect against this ever increasing threat to your business assets.

Securely connect users.
Stop both known and unknown Malicious Software.
Investigate Security incidents.

Cyber data breaches are now becoming a way of life for organisations. Over 50% of business reported a breach last year.
The ability to respond effectively to data breaches is therefore critical to every organisation particularly with the
imminent enforcement of GDPR.

We provide a security Incident Response Service which is able to help with your security breach and quickly get your business back on its feet. Organisations need to establish a process that will ultimately help:

  • Maintain business continuity
  • Protect business reputation and employee morale
  • Avoid fines, legal fees, and remediation costs
  • Report authoritatively on the scope, scale and extent of a breach

When a security incident occurs, an incident commander assembles a team and leads the efforts to stop, contain, and control the incident and data loss. The triage process begins as soon as a data incident is detected.

A structured response assures consistent approach and action. Responses to Security Incidents that may involve data loss typically follow a similar workflow, such as the following:

  • Research the background details of the incident
  • Consult with incident response advisory resources
  • Develop and implement a resolution plan
  • Follow up to identify improvements

See how your organization can benefit from an incident response plan. Cisco Security experts will help advise, create, and implement steps with your IT team to improve security posture and prevent hackers from compromising your network..

Securely connect users.
Stop both known and unknown Malicious Software.
Investigate Security incidents.

Cyber attacks can evade even the best security tools. Even when attacks are picked up by these tools,
you need to have the right people who are able to understand what the alerts
mean and how to effectively deal with them.

We can help you fight these threats by a combination of people, intelligence, analytics, and technology delivered as our managed security service. You can benefit from end-to-end security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response offered as part of a comprehensive managed security service.

We can help by:

  • Effectively manage, detect, and respond to network threats
  • Using highly trained personnel to deliver you manged service
  • Undertake anomaly detection and threat hunting
  • Leverage the intelligence of global insight and context into emerging threats

Securely connect users.
Stop both known and unknown Malicious Software.
Investigate Security incidents.

An important tool in an organisations security program is penetration testing whereby active testing is used to uncover
vulnerabilities in the systems that can be exploited by attackers.

Our penetration testing services will assess your wired wireless and remote networks, applications and make use of social engineering to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems. Our team of industry-leading experts are certified ethical hackers and use a deep knowledge of the attacker mindset to fully demonstrate the security level of your organization's key systems and infrastructure.

We will first assess your environment and then identify the most suitable approach to achieve the desired goal. This could include a basic vulnerability assessment, an overall assessment and penetration test of all systems or a detailed targeted and proactive penetration test of specific components of your environment.

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