What We Do

We provide IT services such as Network Security, Wireless, Telephony (Collaboration)
on premise and in the cloud. We design, build, deploy and support these solutions for
customers just like you.

NetworkIQ prides itself in helping our clients benefit from the efficient deployment of technology that is optimized to meet their current and future requirements. These benefits can include lower operational costs, competitive advantage and more efficient ways of working.

Our solutions and services portfolio provide coverage of key areas of IT and include infrastructure technologies such as Security, Mobility, Unified Communications and Data Center.

We view our client’s challenges and opportunities as if they were ours and focus on how we can solve the challenges or realize the opportunities. We very much take a consultative approach working not just as a supplier but also as a partner.

We are able to offer vendor independent services as a consequence of having in-depth experience of solutions from leading vendors such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, Microsoft to name a few.

What Can We Offer You

Security Services

Honestly, putting the cyber security noise to one side, do you stay awake at night or do you have this covered?

Having the right defences in place to detect and protect your IT systems before, during and after a cyber attack has never been so important. Working alongside the leading security vendors, we adopt a comprehensive and in-depth approach to cyber security to provide you with the right set of services to protect your business.

Wireless Services

We are Wireless Specialists – others think we are great, Try us out

Good Wi-Fi has become a business imperative, while poor Wi-Fi is the number one source of complaints in some industry sectors. A well designed Wi-Fi solution must have security at its core as well as performance and scalability.

Voice Services

Businesses need flexible communication enabling anytime anywhere secure audio, video and Information collaboration

In the Information Age 90% of employees do work outside the office. The most effective companies ‘get it’ and enable the mechanisms for people to collaborate easily, this means connecting when, where and how they want.

IT Support

Are you fed up of losing business productivity because your IT support isn’t up to scratch.

Modern businesses are now totally dependent on IT, if a server fails, PCs slow down or applications become unresponsive, there is a dramatic impact on the business. Businesses demand IT support that simply ensures they can work effectively 24/7.

Cloud Managed IT

Everyone gets it - Cloud is an opportunity not to be missed.

Businesses are rapidly growing beyond the industry average 24 cloud based applications. While the adoption of cloud has resulted in mind boggling efficiencies for some, others are still struggling to understand how the cloud will help them and what they need to do execute their plan.

WAN and Internet

Businesses demand anytime, anywhere secure access whether via a secure Internet or private networks between sites – getting the right connection is the key

Enlightened businesses recognise that competitive advantage can be gained by empowering staff in the “information age”, furthermore the best talent of the millennials generation demand anytime access to information from any device.

Professional Services

Professional Services is the bridge between where IT is now and where it needs to get to

As technology gets ever more pervasive the often-touted simplification seems always to be closer to the horizon than being in sight. Businesses need to transition their technology and services under time, money and resource constraints. Professional services are frequently a quick fix for these pressing needs.

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