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Mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop browsing,
is your Wi-Fi keeping up with the trend?

We are Wireless Specialists

Good Wi-Fi has become a business imperative, while poor Wi-Fi is the number one source of complaints in some industry sectors. A well designed Wi-Fi solution must have security at its core as well as performance and scalability.

From wireless planning, wireless surveys through to specification, design and deployment we can support you in a way that works for you. Alternatively, if your system is installed and you just need to solve some problems we can do that too, like we’ve done for ITV or 02.

They were easy to deal and their solution just worked and protected us against the bad guys

WIFI consultants in London

Find out how we can help you with the following Wireless services

Planning & Design

More wireless connected devices are connected to the internet than wired devices – plan for more growth.

Wireless Survey

Virtual and on site Wi-Fi surveys than ensure you will get the coverage you need.

Network Implementation

IT network infrastructure is a utility that just needs to work - period.

Guest Analytics

Not knowing your customer is like not having signposts for the journey ahead.

Planning & Design

Dealing with Cyber Threat is a Complex Challenge

A well planned and designed Wi-Fi solution is an essential pillar of todays IT strategy. Based on the great productivity and flexibility benefits of Wi-Fi, unabated growth of mobile connected devices is a fact.

We have undertaken planning for organisations ranging from schools, universities, law firms, stadiums through to small towns. Our experience will be invaluable in overcoming some of the unique requirements of your environment.

Wireless Survey

Virtual and on site Wi-Fi Surveys than ensure you will get the Coverage you need

A Wi-Fi survey is a blueprint that tells you what coverage you can confidently expect as it is based on actual building characteristics

We have undertaken surveys for over 50,000 access point locations for diverse locations ranging from city centre offices to hazardous environments. We welcome the challenge of doing Wi-Fi the right way for you.

Network Implementation

IT Network Infrastructure is a utility that just needs to work - period

The premise of IT applications especially with the proliferation of cloud technology is that the infrastructure is pervasive and fit for purpose. As technology evolves the demands placed on infrastructure is evolving apace. The expectation is the wired, wireless and remote networks must be seamless and secure.

Whether wired, IoT or Wi-Fi connected devices, our approach is to design and deploy solutions that are secure, scalable and high performing.

Guest Analytics

Not knowing Your Customer is like not having signposts for the journey ahead

Businesses in the hospitality and entertainment sectors have paradoxically a great opportunity and a great challenge with knowing and engaging their customers. To succeed means beating the competition and increasing customer loyalty.

Businesses first need to know who their customers are, what they are interested in and where they hang out. In short having precise customer demographics presents an outstanding opportunity to engage with customers, promote services that they have an interest in and thus maintain a competitive advantage. We can design and implement the right solution for you that will provide an almost instant return on investment.